How I lost & found myself in a journey online

It’s kind of crazy for me to think I’ve been growing an online business for 5 years already, but nonetheless it’s true.

It’s been quite an amazing adventure into the unknown. I’ve learned so much about myself by doing things that scare me. I don’t even know what a comfort zone looks like anymore and I’m ok with this.

In the beginning I wanted to start a business because I was wasting to much time on the internet and I had absolutely nothing to show for it. I knew that my time could be better spent elsewhere.

I started a business with Neora and I kicked ass and totally rocked the business. That gave me a new found energy that I hadn’t experienced before. It came from learning a new way to think and by surrounding myself with a new energy.

They say you are the sum of 5 people you hang out with most, and it was time for me to up my game.

After about a year and a half with Neora I decided I also wanted to write a blog. So once again not knowing what the hell im doing, I just throw myself out there and go for it.

Sure there were a million reasons why I had no business becoming a writer and why it would never work out. But I somehow told those voices to go sit down and shut up. And I started my own blog, with very few expectations and lots of hopes and dreams.

I loved writing the moment I started. I never had a dream of being a writer, it was surely a gift that I’d buried until I was ready to uncover it.

In the middle of these 2 things, I decided I needed to hire an online coach to teach me how to grow a following. After all I didn’t know a thing about the internet, and there seemed to be some experts out there that could help.

And herein lies the down fall and the lesson. You see as I was being conditioned to be exactly like very one else online, I realized that I was getting further and further away from who I truly was.

They say you have to follow the rules and the rhythm or you’ll never get anywhere. You have to give away something free, like a webinar and this in turn gives you people’s email addresses.

Next you have to start a group and put all of your people in the group so that you can control what they are seeing.

Then you have to follow a bunch of people and you have to talk to them all. You need to engage with your audience and make sure that they engage with you. This creates an unhealthy addiction to instant gratification with absolutely zero real connection. Kind of like gambling or a drug addiction.

Then they say you also need to have multiple social media platforms so that you can reach your potential clients. And I did all of these things for many months. Chasing my own tale if you will.

And then one day I was on the phone with my coach and he said these exact words to me and it was at that very moment that I woke up. He said “Tavia, do you know what your really good at?” He said, “Your really good at being yourself, but if you want to make it online you can’t be who you’ve always been.”

Mic 🎤 drop……….

My soul shattered for a brief moment because I realize just how far off of my spiritual path I’d strayed.

I had aloud the outside world to influence my life’s mission yet again. Getting caught up in likes and followers had me completely lost.

Answering every single stranger left me depleted and with no energy left to write or work my business. Because this online world is NOT real and it does not fill us up, it actually steals from who we are in our souls.

And as I write this to you today, I can humbly say it was all part of the lesson. I myself always have to remember that I am here for a reason, and that all the paths will lead back to me.

I have zero regrets and I love ALL the lessons that life brings to me. I am honored to be where I am today and I’m proud of all the chances I took on myself.

May you be blessed enough to receive a message for your own heart when someone else delivers it you.

💜 Tay Tay

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