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Good morning beautiful souls! It’s still 2020 and we’re all still surviving the mess. It’s really cold this weekend in Ohio and I had to turn the heat on.

As we’re preparing for an amazing fun filled weekend with our daughter and her friends, I felt the need to pause and write a blog.

What are you giving?

My social media is full of negativity and fear all day everyday. But here’s the thing you guys probably don’t understand. You are perpetuating your own energy and whatever you give away you will receive.

Did you know that your not supposed to know what everyone is thinking or feeling?

Did you know that your either adding to your vibration or your taking away from it?

Did you know that your addiction to social media has changed your personality for the worse?

Are you willing to admit that it does nothing in the way of making you a better and happier person, but that it does keep you small and spinning in circles?

As a spiritual chic I see what’s happening all around me, but I’m powerless to help anyone else wake up.

The world needs love right now. Not more judgments, opinions, fears, accusations and slander. You can truly see that good and evil have collided and I need you to decide where you stand. And then I need you be strong enough to be different then everyone else.

Does your Facebook feed your faith or your fears? Be honest with yourself here. It’s either filling you up or it’s pissing you off and there’s no in between.

You are bigger then all of this nonsense that’s happening around you. Your light is unique for a reason but your fear is the exact same as everyone else’s.

So will you be love? Or will you be fear?

Can you overcome the addiction to your phone and learn to connect with your heart again?

Can you be vulnerable and real in the middle of a shit show?

I sure hope so because if we don’t disconnect from the nonsense and reconnect with our spirits nothing will ever change.

No one really cares what you think they only care what you do!

💜 Tay Tay

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