Faith Over Fear & Facts Over Fiction

This is so on point
As we continue through 2020 and relationships change because the masks are off
I ask you yet again
Does the government love you like I do?

The real
Conspiracy theorists believe that the government cares about them, the media would never mislead or lie to them and the pharmaceutical industry that makes billions off sickness want to cure them.


I’m sorry if your still stuck in fear and compliance because you were made for so much more.

I hope that your brave enough to get out of your heads and into your spirits💜

I won’t be a part of doing nothing and saying nothing 💜 I’ve always gone against the crowd and now I understand why

It’s ok to change your mind
It’s evolution and the more we learn the more we know.

Humble pie is your friend!

Evolve dear ones 💜

💜 Tay Tay

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