A little advice on taking current inventory of your relationships

The worst thing about me is that I love too hard. I know, I know! How can one seriously love too hard?!?

It’s quite simple you know, when I love people I see their souls and not their flaws. This sometimes causes relationships to be lopsided. So I decided today was the perfect day to take inventory, and I decided to bring you guys along for the lesson.

We as humans tend to spend lots of time in our heads and In story telling mode, and that’s completely normal. No need to beat yourself up for that my friends, because we all do it.

But sometimes we need to update our blueprints by taking a current inventory of ourselves and those we love.

Over the years things change and people change and we are ALWAYS changing and so our relationships. They in themselves have their own energy and in order to live in the now we have to understand where we stand.

In our hearts and our heads we might say things to ourselves like this:

I love my girlfriends

I’m so happy in my job

I’m spoiled by my man

I have the best family

And so on and so on. It’s not bad what we tell ourselves these stories, instead the question we need to be asking ourselves is “Is it true today?”

Our memories are kept near our hearts and stamped on our brains, so we have to understand this about ourselves. And then we have to be willing to use one of the most important gifts that God ever gave us, which is discernment.

And when we call in discernment we’re simply calling in the truth, without judgment. Taking an inventory of my current relationships and my emotional bank account for each one.

Narrowing it down to the last 30 days is the best way to see where you stand currently. After taking the time to be real ask yourself these questions.

I mean we could do 60 days or 99 days, but if they haven’t been around in the last 30 days, chances are they don’t live around here or your remembering the way things used to be.

When was the last time I hung out with this person?

When did we talk on an intimate level and not an artificial level?

Is the relationship growing or dying?

Does this person offer me as much love as I offer them?

Does the relationship make me better or bitter?

Is it time for new peeps?

Ending friendships doesn’t mean that we have to hate anyone, but it does mean that we are actively participating in making our lives the best possible life that we can live.

Some people are chapters and some people are books! I hope your brave enough to use use your discernment and to listen to your gut, because you’ve only got this one life.

When one door closes another one opens and you will always end up with whatever you invest in.

💜Tay Tay

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