This is why God made me different

When you finally understand why God made you different.

When it all comes together and you realize that you are strong enough to handle his missions for your life.

When you finally accept that you’ve never fit in and now is not the time to start.

When the world is full of sheep I will be a lion.
When the world tells you to conform out of fear, I will teach you how to relinquish control and accept your hearts mission.

I fully understand my mission and I’m ready and able to embrace it.
At times it’s scary and at other times it’s liberating, but I was born to be the change.

I’ve told you for years that I don’t play by the rules of this world, because I’m a spiritual chic,who works from the heart and not the head.

As we continue on our journey one things for sure, my daughter and my granddaughter will remember that we we’re the only ones without a mask. They will remember when I stood up to the nonsense in this world.

They will understand what it takes to be strong and full of spirit instead of fear. They are learning that I have their best interest at heart even when the government did not.

They are learning about boundaries and self love and how to use their voices, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

How many years have you passed on dysfunction through out your families?

Have you ever thought about passing On healing and change?!?

As we continue in this crazy world I’ll continue to be the change that we desperately need. I’ll walk in faith surrounded by the Holy Spirit and understand that my work here has just begun.

💜 Tay Tay

Tavia Hayduk
Gangster of Love ❤️

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