Taking up space

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Following your dreams is a little bit scary but a whole lot of amazing. My heart is overflowing with abundance and gratitude for this amazing group of souls.

I started a new class last Sunday and it was the perfect beginning to something brand new.

In a world that makes you think fitting in the cool thing, I come to you with a completely different message.

Fitting in makes you small and unhappy. As we grow into our authentic selves we must shed our skin time and time again. We must be willing to be different if we want to change the future.

Our opinions don’t matter and they never have, but our actions matter and our energy matters. When you love yourself you begin to outgrow people and places that don’t honor you.

You learn to spend time with those that make you better, not bitter. You learn to make yourself a priority because no one ever taught you how to do that before.

And as you continue to take up space, you create a new vibe and a new tribe. There’s absolutely no room for self comparison and jealousy when your living your best life.

Those are characteristics of the ego and you don’t want live in your ego. You were meant to be full of spirit and love, not depleted and on auto pilot.

If your minds sick, your body and your soul will be sick. If your brains healthy, then everything else will be healthy. Your energy will be balanced, and you will be open to new things. You will learn to be a yes in life instead of a no. You will learn to take up space inside your own body and then your energy will attract love instead for fear.

May you fully understand that tomorrow’s not promised and that your actions every single day will determine your future.

💜 Tay Tay

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