A new way to think

Friends all over the world I love you. I’m sending you light in the middle of the chaos. I know as a spiritual leader it’s my duty to try to help you understand the great divide.

When the people are fighting each other the government is hard at word creating the division. I’m not here to justify my feelings or to argue with you about yours. I’m simply here to help you understand something that’s going on and that’s hurting us all over the world.

If we the people are busy fighting each other over masks and other silly things, we won’t be able to love each other and help each other. The division comes from evil not love and you must understand that there are 2 big forces at work right now.

We have to stop judging people, because that’s not our job. It’s Gods job and you know this, yet you still allow your own thoughts and fears to guide you. God tells you over and over again do not be afraid but yet you refuse to trust in love, and instead continue in fear.

We have to stop shaming people into doing what we want because it’s unhealthy AF. We also have to stop blaming each other for something that was already written in the stars.

All of this is bigger then a mask, and a virus. All of the panic and the fear and the gaslighting serves a purpose that will one day blow your mind.

If you are judging someone you can’t love them. It’s very simple. If you want to be a part of Gods plan then dig deep within and stop judging others. Stop playing into the evil because we need your help. We need to do this together. We need to learn to not hate each other when we disagree. We need to open our hearts and accept that all feelings are acceptable , but all behaviors are not.

There are millions of reasons that a person can’t wear a mask. Some of them being health related but others being related to trauma and abuse. The next time you see someone without a mask, ask yourself if you know their story. Imagine the pain they could have lived through, and you will find all judgments disappearing. And then ask yourself where you learned that not wearing a mask made a person awful. Did it come from the lord or the world?!? It truly matters.

This is how we grow. This is how we create a new world with less judgment and more love.

I love you friends

💜 Tay Tay

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