Things that don’t make sense in 2020

Good morning to the world and thank the lord I have this platform because twitter and Facebook are censoring my pages.

That in itself is screwy?!? Ask yourself why Facebook cares about vaccines, but doesn’t think that pedophilia is a problem?

I’m not here to give you answers or you to make everything fit together, I’m simply sharing with you shit that makes no sense.

I live where there’s supposed to be freedom of speech, but it seems as though we’re being manipulated and controlled. Gaslighting techniques are in full effect.

We’re in the middle of a world wide sex slavery scandal and the news hasn’t even reported a thing about it yet. We the people are being used and abused for a political agenda and were done being sheep.

Just last night Mark Z went live with Dr. Fauci and if that’s not enough to alert you to the brain washing then I’m not sure what will wake you up.

You are not being told the truth! You are being gaslighted by some pretty shady groups of people, but I know that your spirit is way stronger then your fears.

Hollywood is full of Satanic worshippers who love to eat and hunt kids while performing sick sexual acts, but the media hasn’t reported on this still.

We’re being bamboozled with nonsense as they use their own agendas to divide us. But I’m telling you that Gods plan is way bigger then mans.

I’ve been going through all the emotions just like you guys. I was even afraid in the beginning and I wore my mask and I made masks for others.

But as time goes on, I’m less afraid then I’ve ever been, I wonder why the focus is always on the numbers and the deaths?!? I believe it’s all fear induced so they can control you.

Do not falter! Do not give up hope! The numbers are not correct. The tests are not correct. The people your trusting are not correct. And you will never understand the effect this is having on you until it’s all over.

As a child that had many of her own rights stolen from her I will not sit by and let you destroy our kids. I will stand up for the fatherless and I will help keep these children safe, one day at a time.

Please stop fighting with your neighbor and allowing the government to control you. Facebook is brainwashing you, and so are other social media platforms.

You are being lied to about many different subjects and you are not important to them, because this is a simple of case of good vs evil.

And there’s no in between! Covid is real and so I gaslighting. Wake up friends! Your strong and brave and beautiful and many of you were born for 2020.

I love you!

Where In the world are you? And how’s the virus where you are?

Thank you Jesus for giving me a platform that won’t be censored!

💜 Tay Tay

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