You can’t censor the whole world

Good morning beautiful souls and thank you Jesus for giving me this blog as a platform. You guys the shits hitting the fan.

They’ve been using fear against us and it worked for a while, until some of us woke up. We were unable to be subdued by the lies anymore.

Sure we played along in the beginning because we had no clue what was happening, but we are no longer playing by your rules.

Instead I’m playing by the rules of the spiritual world. I will not live in fear, I will not be programmed by the media. I will not be silenced even when you try to censor my Facebook.

Truth Tellers United

The government doesn’t think your smart enough to figure things out but I believe in you. I think your amazing and that your spirit is exactly what this world needs more of.

Please connect with me on all of social media’s because it’s going down for real. I simply shared a video about a lady and her story from you tube and they told me it was a lie.

I call bullshit! She’s aloud to tell whatever story she wants, because it’s her story to tell. You don’t get to decide what her truth is and I’ll be the one who helps her get it out.

The government is using fear against you and it’s time to wake up and have faith in the one true king! It’s time to stop being afraid and it’s time to stop allowing other people to tell you how to think and how to live.

Turn the news off your being brain washed!

Fill your heart with love not fear and hold on friends shits going down!

Love you

Tay Tay

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