When good takes over

Good morning beautiful souls, I hope your all ready for the weekend. As I was sitting here drinking my coffee I felt the need to write to you about the shift that’s occurring.

You see for many years evil has been plaguing this world. It comes in many different shapes and forms, and it always hides it’s true intentions.

But alas as with all things balance is finally being restored to earth, and I’m so happy to be here to witness it.


America is greedy and selfish and egotistical. We’ve grown away from a simple code of ethics system (which we were born with) and instead we’ve replaced it with our own excuses and messed up logic. (Hence your own broken)

This all had to happen because there was way to much evil winning in this world.

We’ve got child pedophiles all around us and now many of them are being exposed. You guys didn’t really think that fucking kids was ok did you? I mean clearly if you have to fly to another country on a private island, you already know your doing shady shit. And oh to the celebrities that are undercover perverts, your money can’t save you now.

Catholic priests are being called on their perverse actions instead of continuing to be able to hide behind their roles. And lord knows this still has a long way to go, but these are the very first steps in awareness.

What about now that some of you have your own children?!? I’m guessing you think differently now?!? Or maybe not?! Either way I couldn’t be happier that you’ve been exposed and there’s lots more coming your way.

I hope my heart can handle all the names yet to be exposed.

We’re finally talking about racism, which is another huge injustice in this nation. Another inherited trauma that will fester inside of us until we’re brave enough to examine it.

I was just talking to my husband about how I was born for this very time.I live my life by the spiritual world and not by the ways of this world and I always have.

Because the rules of this world are weak and cheap. They consist of greed and never having enough, self comparison, keeping up with the Jones’s, and always trying to make the outside pretty when it’s the inside that needs some work.

We are all the same and it’s time that some of you learn that. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, or black or white, or what your last name is or what street you live on.

You are not any of those things even though some small town minds love to label you. I’m here to teach that your not your label and I can help you overcome the very people that want to keep you small.

But first your going to have to get real with you. Figure out what truly matters in this life before it’s all over and then have the courage to create a new life for you and those you love.

Call out evil!

Call out shame and blame.

Call out weak people who talk about others.

Start using your voice for love instead of hate.

And commit to being the change that the world desperately needs.

I can’t wait to watch the second half of my life on earth because it’s going to be truly magical.

Here’s a little quote I thought you might enjoy from a letter the Archbishop Vigano to our president. And you don’t have to like the president to revive the message and decide where you stand.


💜 Tay Tay

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