What happens when you stop being afraid?

Good morning friends!

What happens when you stop being afraid? What occurs inside you when you finally learn to fear-less?

I can tell you first hand that overcoming yourself is by far one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

I never really understood how much fear controlled me until I decided to did deep into my Svadhyaya (the study of ones self) and get real with Tavia.

You see for years I tried to avoid to certain things until I understood fully that my power lies inside my heart, and that I couldn’t get to where I needed to be with a guarded heart.

My friends will all tell you that when it comes to our conversations they are either really super deep and all about ones self, or they have no meaning at all and are just to be silly and have fun.

I understand the power of my words and my daily actions because I’ve learned how to love myself.

We’ve been conditioned to live in fear. Take a look at the world around your right now, because they are using fear as weapon to cause a divide and they are winning.

But fear is so fucking weak! It’s the absolute most boring thing about you, because everyone is afraid.

But not everyone is willing to get past themselves. And we need lots more people that are going to dig deep inside themselves and admit where they are refusing to grow.

I understand that fear is false evidence appearing real, and I also understand that the devil uses your head against you.

If you want to learn to be fearless then make time to study yourself, to do things differently, to take advice from a coach or a friend, but PLEASE stop doing things your way.

Your way is what got you here and your way will get you the exact same results in the future. Your way keeps you small, even if your unwilling to admit it.

There’s better ways to live to think and to be. You know how a cop pulls up behind you and you automatically begin to freak out? The anxiety makes your palms sweaty and your heart beat fast. It’s an automated fear response to understanding that you might be in trouble. It’s something you’ve been trained to do.

But what if I told you I don’t have that feeling anymore? What if I told you I’ve learned to calm my anxiety so that it doesn’t own me? What if I told you that when I see the cop car my first response is to be afraid, but that I am able to overcome that fear within a couple seconds!?!?!?

Because it’s true! I can rewire that anxiety, because I taught myself how. That’s the power of the mind, and your brain was made to keep you safe.

Hence why it’s full of fear.

What happens when you stop being afraid is that you begin to grow your spirit and your wisdom. When your done with the fear you invite magic into your life.

You follow the opportunities that are laid out before you because you know that in order to change you can’t be comfortable. You say yes to things that scare you, like starting a business online, becoming a writer and even going back to school for 200 hours to become a yoga teacher.

You don’t make excuses about time because you understand that’s one of lies you tell yourself to keep yourself small.

These are the very actions I took when I stopped being afraid. You can be anything you want to be, but you can’t keep doing things the way you’ve always done them!

Be brave and bold and bad ass but please stop not living at all!

Olive you

💜 Tay Tay

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