We must be willing to examine the hearts of individuals….

Good morning friends! I have a message of hope for you today. I want to challenge you to look deep within yourself for the change that needs to occur in the world. You are the only thing in this entire world that your in control of.

I’ve got a little secret to share with you today about one of my gifts. Over the years I’ve learned how to develop it and strengthen it by honoring it and embracing it with my whole heart.

But that doesn’t mean that I always knew that it existed. It took some fine tuning to fully understand the energy that lies within.

The older I get the more I understand my purpose here on this earth. I no longer feel the need to run away from my different because I’m supposed to be different. I was made different for this very reason.

God gave me the gift of seeing souls not people. I’ve had it my entire life and it’s kind of like an energetic bullshit reader. I see through your exterior shell and I’m able to see your heart. I am an empath so I naturally feel all the feelings, but this is more of a sight, and becoming a yoga teacher has truly tripled my intuitive experiences.

The reason we must examine our hearts and the hearts of others is because the world has a heart problem. When we descend from this earth our bodies and our brains and our afflictions are staying here. So it doesn’t matter how pretty you are, it only matters what your heart is like.

I ask you to re-examine where and why you judge people based on certain qualities. If your willing to dig deep inside yourself, in an effort to update your old ass blueprints that your living by, then you will begin to help heal yourself.

And if you heal yourself, you heal your family, and if you heal your family they will heal all the generations to come. And then you get to be a part of the healing process instead of only passing on pain and dysfunction.

Are you willing to look beyond the exterior?

I sure hope so.

I love you friends

💜Tay Tay

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