I don’t see color, I see souls

I don’t see color I see souls

Good morning friends
As the world continues to fall apart with hate and so much more I felt the need to write to you this morning as a white privileged woman.

Did you know that growing up my best friend was black?
Did you know that I love her family as much as I love my own family?
Did you know that I’ve never seen color?
Because it’s the truth.

Do you know that some of my deepest morals come from their house?

Growing up in a small town in Ohio has its ups and it’s downs, but I’m super thankful that we have some diversity here.

I’m not going to make this post to create more division in the world, I’m simply writing to share my experiences with you.

Eddie C Scipio and Marsha Rockhold-Scipio are very much my second parents. They poured into my heart as a teenager and as an adult. My life wouldn’t look like it does if it weren’t for some of the lessons I learned at their house and while in their presence.

Never once was I concerned with the color of their skin. And they sure as hell didn’t treat me any different simply because I was a white girl.

From the very beginning we saw each other’s souls, not our stupid bodies.

We are all the same even if your mind won’t allow you to admit it.
Take away the clothing and the banks accounts and the color and tell me what’s left.

We didn’t get to choose our color but we do get to choose our voices. If you make racist jokes or remarks you are not welcome in my space and I will call you out on it or I will leave.

I won’t lump anyone into a category just because of what they look like.

Being outraged isn’t enough!
Using your voice to stand up to the nonsense is the only way to create change.

So to all my friends that are white I’ve got a challenge for you, the next time anyone speaks any racism, hate, or judgment that you open your mouth and tell them to hush their fuss!
My hope is your brave enough to speak out agains the bullshit in this world so that you might be the change.

You got to talk about the things that scare you!
I’m blessed by the Scipio’s and their love that they provided for me and many other kids in Logan county. They didn’t need money to be kind and to teach the matters of the heart.

I’m 46 years old and you better believe that when my world falls apart you can still find me right inside their living room.


I love ALL souls

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