The Truth Tellers Were Born For This

Good morning beautiful souls. I hope your all safe and well and doing the best that you can with the current situation you’ve been given.

As the world continues to be in chaos I knew that I had to write to you this morning. My hearts breaking for George Floyd and his family today and I’d like to take this moment to send them some light and love.

I know there’s nothing I can do to change that situation so I’ll continue to pray for peace for all involved. But I will tell you this, if you sit by and watch something happen and you don’t intervene then you my friends are also an accomplice.

Let’s take this back just a few notches and see where it all begins. I think it starts with first being able to understand what’s morally right and wrong. (Understand this has nothing to do with the worldly ways)

I do not hang out with people that gossip about others, because I fully understand the power of my words. Gossip is cheap and easy and bullshit if you ask me. It takes no courage to jump in and make fun of someone else.

It’s like the blind leading the blind down a path that makes the insecure gossiper somehow feel powerful, but there’s no power in gossip.

Your power lies in your ability to directly stand up and say “No, that’s not OK!” A real simple way to stop the gossip that’s around you would be to simply say “Does (so & so) know how your talking about them right now?”

Chances are that person is not going to continue degrading the other person because you’ve just used your voice and you’ve let them know that your not ok with the topic of conversation.

I admire the person that’s strong enough to say no to the bully’s. That understands that midlife sure as hell ain’t about fitting in, it’s about standing up and showing up like never before.

I don’t want people in my life that think being mean and talking about others for any reason is ok. I guard my space, my heart and my time and so should you.

After all you are the sum of the 5 people with spend the most time with.

I was born for this decade, living a life from the inside out and understanding everything I need is already inside me.

Be a truth teller not a sheep!

Love you

Tay Tay

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