How I kicked my fears in the ass

Today I’m going to inspire you to kick some fears in the ass! I don’t expect you to change overnight, these things take time and practice. But first you need to become aware of how often your thoughts are based in fear.

So many people spend their entire lives afraid! You focus on all of the things that go wrong, and you don’t even allow anything positive in. You are so convinced why nothing will work, that you literally keep yourself stuck for years.

Think about it, think about something you’ve wanted to change in your life. Have you taken the steps to change? Or is it easier to just complain about what you wish you had. If your stuck in complain mode, there’s a way out.

But here’s the trick, you have to take action! You can’t keep wishing you had more money, or more time. You can’t keep wishing you life would change, all the while not doing one single thing to change it.

Stop focusing on the things that can wrong. Your literally throwing your energy away. Get out of your own head and get into your heart. Your focus must reflect the changes that you want to see in your life.

Turn “I can’t” into “I will try”
Turn “no” into “yes”
Turn “I’m afraid” into “it’s scary but I can do it”
Turn around your life and stop being afraid

You weren’t made to love afraid, you were made to be awesome ⭐️

Tavia Hayduk
Spiritual Life Coach


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