Here’s what I’m struggling with

What’s one of the things I struggle with during the virus?

It’s this!
It’s my 4 year anniversary writing a blog and some days I struggle to write.

I have a world wide audience. I’ve met so many amazing people through my writing, and I still struggle some days.

This is the effect of trauma friends. We are all dealing with it in our own ways. I wanted you to know that your not alone, and that I struggle with you.

This year it’s hard to write sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that I NEVER write it just means I’m doing it way less.

I can’t focus on numbers and readers because your all living through the same stuff I’m living through.
It would be the easiest thing in the world to just not write at all.

It would be easy to let it all go just because I’m in a funk.
But I can’t really do that.
I might think that way for a second, but then I change the channel and I kick my own ass into gear.

Wherever you are today I see you, I understand you and I am with you.
I can’t quit and I won’t quit because that’s not a part of who I am.

I’ve learned to give myself grace and if I only write a few times a week it’s better then nothing.

I hope your learning to balance your own lives and that you continue to chase your dreams in the middle of the chaos.

Happy 4 years to me
💜 Tay Tay




If you need help I’m here for you
Private and group sessions available

P.S. blessed to be able to write from home

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