Name 1 thing you thought you could never live without………

Good Sunday morning beautiful souls all across the world. I hope that your surviving the storms the best way that you know how. And I’d also like to tell you, just Incase no one else has that I’m proud of you.

I’ve had lots of time for self reflection and relearning what’s important in my life and what’s not so important.

We as humans tend to live our lives from the outside in, but now we’re being forced to live from the inside out. And some of us are embracing it and others are flipping their lids.

For me it’s a lesson in consciousness on a daily basis, and I’m awake. I could very easily get caught up in the way other people think and live their lives, but then I have to remind myself 100 times a day that I’m not the judge. And whatever they are doing has nothing to do with me. (Jedi mind tricks make you strong emotionally)

No thank you?!?

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last few months it’s how little I actually need to be happy.

How all the extra stuff in my house doesn’t do me any good right now, and that true love has and always will come from the relationships in my life.

If you identify with your career more then you identify with your soul then your going to really suffer a lot right now. Because who are you at your core?!? Not your labels your titles or your achievements!!!!

But on a soul level?!?

If you don’t know who you are yet, there’s going to be lots of time to figure it out. I realized how little I need those clothes that are hanging in my closet.

And yes I like to shop, but what good are they doing me right now?!? Most days I don’t even put a bra on ya know.

So I challenge you to ask yourself by digging deep inside your soul. What’s something you thought you could never live without but you’ve since learned isn’t even important?

💜Tay Tay

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