The Truth About Your Truth

Listen friends
Here’s a little lesson for you💜
This morning I woke up and my news feed is covered with nonsense.

Some shit about the president saying to drink disinfectant, which I quickly googled and watched.

Here’s what’s happening in the midst of the madness.
Some of you don’t even have a clue how you feel and it changes every single day.

You read something that might resonate with you and you share it or your copy and paste it. And that’s great and amazing, but it’s time for you to dig a little bit deeper friends.

Ever wonder how so many people can watch a press conference and come up with completely different conclusions?

It’s pretty simple when you break it all down, but we as humans are wearing lenses and they shade everything we see at all times. Your glasses depend on your life and what’s happened to you.

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are, and the sooner you learn about your own shades the better off your life will be.

Tony Robbins just shared an article yesterday titled stand guard at the door of your mind. And that my friends is deep AF.
Now more then ever I’m guarding my heart and my mind.

Do you understand what that implies?
The world is in chaos and so are the people. As time goes on I see more and more nonsense.

We are all in this together, but everyone’s intentions are not the same.
Some people are only worried about their own selfish needs and they will use you and manipulate you to get what they need from you. These people live a fear based life and they worship the wrong things.

And on the flip side of that you have a group of spiritual beings that are wide awake and ready to embrace the unknown. These friends don’t play by the rules of this world and they never have. They are the essence of presence and they accept all that is given to them at any moment, fully understanding that without darkness there is no light.

I am here to help lead you to the light!
But you have to show up for yourself.
Guard your heart
Guard your mind
And protect your space!

Shits getting real!


Spiritual Life Coach

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