Why you have to listen to your heart now more then ever

Every single morning I wake up and start the coffee. A little bit sleepy eyed and discombobulated, especially now that we have a new baby (puppy) in the family.

I walk into the kitchen and take the pot off of the counter and I fill it with water, and wait patiently for it to fill. As I open the can of coffee I get a familiar scent of perfection that immediately makes my heart smile.

I feed the doggies and take them potty and then I sit down to wish everyone a happy birthday on my Facebook.

If I time it just right the coffee will be ready and waiting on me to enjoy as I send some light and love out into the world.

As the first hot sip hits my lips I smile as it’s warmth fills me up and I understand how thankful I am to have coffee in the morning and a warm home to drink it in. Maybe something I took for granted at another point in my life.

I’ve been writing a blog for several years now so after my birthday wishes, I normally head over and start writing my blog. And this is how my morning goes. It’s a simple little routine that I absolutely adore.

To say things are a little bit different then normal in the world might be an understatement. Things are like they’ve never been before, and after weeks of social distancing some people are losing their shit.

And so begins this nonsense of us versus you and so on. This blame game where everyone is pointing the finger at someone else, but it’s all fear based.

You must learn to have boundaries and to protect your space and this means online as well. Your going to have to unfollow, unfriend, and all together guard your space right now more then ever.

I have almost 4000 friends on my fb alone. There are certain people that never comment or participate in anything positive. But they do chime in once in a while and when they contribute, it’s a negative vibe I feel from them.

Now if these same friends also contributed positivity to my page then they would be worth keeping around. But since they make zero deposits into the relationship jar, but they take away from it, that leaves us with a negative balance.

When my hearts open I always know when it’s time to let people go. Boundaries are for you and not the other person. If you have no boundaries you have no self respect and it’s that simple.

Weigh the interactions with people in your life. Ask yourself if they make you feel good or bad?!? It’s simple and the only person you owe an explanation to is your damn self.

The masks are falling off and it’s clear to see who your people are. Be brave! Be bold! Have boundaries, press delete and open your hearts!

💜 Tay Tay

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