Your ugly hearts are showing

Good morning friends!

As we continue our journey into the unknown, it’s plain to see that fear is winning.

Week after week I sit by and watch it all unfold but what’s really happening is that all of the veils are being lifted, and your true colors are showing.

I’m a yoga teacher, hair stylist and a spiritual life coach who writes a blog. People are my jam, and understanding that we’re all the same helps tremendously.

I study people and their hearts and their heads! I’ve done it for years and now I get to expand my knowledge by paying attention to the actions of those all around me.

If you take the time to simply observe instead of judge then you will be able to see things a little bit more clearly.

There are only 2 forces in this entire world. Love and fear, and any other emotion is masked by other emotions. Anger, frustration, annoyance, contempt, and rage are all emotions that are fear based. When you take the time to dig a little deeper you will see what I mean.

Everyone’s in a such a rush to get back normal, but things will never be normal again, nor should they be.

People are afraid because they thought they were in control of their lives. But now you understand that it doesn’t matter how much you plan or you save because it can all be taken away from you.

Until you get real with your own heart, then you my friends will continue to struggle with this. Greed is one of the deadly sins and I see it all around us.

But what I also see all around me is light and love in the muddle of uncertainty . Complaining is a characteristic of the ego! If you come from spirit, you won’t ever find yourself the victim of life, because you are awake and you understand that the only thing you need to survive is love.

Should you find yourself around a bunch of people that are the victim of life the.n I hope your brave enough to let those relationships go.

You are being tested, and if you haven’t found your kindness yet, then you dear friends haven’t lost enough yet.

💜 Tay Tay

Truth teller always and forever

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