Acceptance is the key to peace. How to let go of the idea in your mind.

Good Morning beautiful souls. I hope your all hanging in there the best way you know how. I hope your creating some balance in your life to help protect your mental health right now.

It’s so easy to get stuck in our fears right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact it’s insanity when your stuck in your own head and you can’t get out.

But I’ve got a really cool secret to share with you. One of the very reasons I became a yoga teacher was to teach others how to get out of their own heads.

And now I get to teach it more then ever, because I was made for these days. I’ve always been a spiritual girl, and now more then ever I feel connected to my center of light.

As I sometimes struggle to understand what we’re going through, I realize that I’m trapped in my mind again. I’m not supposed to know what happens tomorrow and neither are you.

If you can just focus on today then you won’t be overwhelmed with anxiety. If you let of the past then you won’t be stuck in your depression. And if you choose to create some healthy emotional habits for yourself then you my friends will be amazed by the way you feel.

Every day isn’t going to be amazing, but some days are. Life is never going to be the same and the sooner we begin to accept and adapt the easier it will be.

Take care of your soul and teach your kids emotional intelligence.

The idea in your mind was beautiful, but we we’re never in control. Acceptance comes letting go a millions times a day.

Love you

Tay Tay

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