Listen Linda, things will NEVER be normal again

Good morning friends!

As I begin another week in quarantine, I’ve actually lost count. I think we’re a little over a month in here in Ohio.

My hearts broken that I can’t do hair. I spent 15 years building that business all by myself. So trust me when I say I understand your pain if your a small business owner.

But here’s the thing I need you all to wake up and realize. Some of you are pushing for things to re-open and life to be normal, but life as you know it is over forever.

If and when we finally reopen bars and restaurants will be limited on numbers of patrons and clients for quite some time. I watch the governor speak every day, so I fully understand where all of this is headed.

We won’t risk all of this hard work flattening the curve just so we can reinfect ourselves all over again, and your business is no more important then my business. If I follow the rules, then you need to follow them too.

“Normal people scare me”

We’re being tested on every single level right now. You can do things the way the world tells you to do them, or you can do things spiritually.

I’ve never been a follower and it won’t start now. I was born for this era of time because I don’t follow the masses, I do things differently.

And now I know why! Because we sure don’t need more people that are the same and think the same.

Nope! This world needs the people like me who aren’t afraid to use their voices in a different sort of way.

Trust me when I say your life is never going to be the same, and that’s actually a really good thing. Instead of trying to figure out how you can go back to the way it used to be, you might want to ask yourself what was so great about your normal.?

Here’s the truth about life and what really matters. Ask yourself the following questions and see what kind of answers you come up with.

Can you adapt to changes?

Can you be kind to others for no reason?

Can you help someone who can never repay you?

Is your heart pretty?

Do you put your spouse and your kids before your career?

Do you value the relationships in your life?

Do you come from your head or your heart?

Now that I’ve gotten you into your spirit and out of your head, understand that this is where your supposed to live. This is where the magic and the happiness exist.

Mark my words when I tell you this town isn’t going to be normal for a very long time and it needed to happen to rebalance what’s truly important.

Where you use your energy is so important. Complaining is just the way the ego strengthens itself, and I’m not an ego kind of girl.

We’re all in this together, and if you haven’t found your kindness yet, then you my friends haven’t lost enough yet.

Use your energy on creating something entirely new and let go of what you thought you had control over. Because you’ve never had control and you never will!

Sit down

Be humble

💜 Tay Tay

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