You Are NOT Alone

Good morning friends all over the world. I’ve been struggling with writing the last couple of days because I’m never sure what I want to talk about. So I’ve been avoiding you, until today when my heart finally opened up and was ready to pour into you.

I know your afraid and then your brave and then your a hot mess again. I understand that what we’re going through is super hard and it’s something that’s new to all of us.

I also understand fully that this had to happen, because people were idling things and using people. And that’s not the way that it’s supposed to be. Social distancing sounds like a crazy concept, but I believe it’s exactly what this world needed.

We are social people as long as we don’t have to be emotional people. I see it every single day on my social media. People post things and events but not feelings and emotions.

Everyone’s all like look at how happy we are together, but they don’t post about the break up. This is what I mean when I tell you we’re lacking true emotional connection. Now more then ever your going to look around and see who is truly there for you.

Is your house built on stone? Will it survive the storms? Or is built on sand? And is it going to wash away?

Words will mean very little during these times, because it’s your actions that are needed more then anything. You must accept what’s happening and ask yourself what it’s here to teach you!

If your not feeling emotional yet, then the walls haven’t started to crumble, but in the next few months it’s going to happen.

You can avoid yourself and the walls around your heart or you can take this time to heal your hurts. To stop avoiding all the things the things your running from. You can’t work it away, eat it away, lift it away, or avoid it any longer.

You are not alone because we are all in this together. This is going to worse before it gets better. You are not going back to work or to school for a couple months. This is real life and it’s not a test.

I’m here to help you with your mental health because this virus will destroy you emotionally before it even has a chance to touch you physically.

Stop hiding

Stop running

Stand up

Be brave

Be bold

Be badass

But more then anything be REAL

💜Tay Tay

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