I hope you find the blessing in all of this

By now I’m hoping you’ve accepted what’s going on in the world and what role you play in all of this. We’ve never been more the same then we are right now because the virus doesn’t care who you are, or where your from, its coming to your town very soon if it’s not there already.

As this entire things continues To unfold in front of us on a daily basis, I’ve been blessed even in the middle of the mess. That’s one of my favorite sayings because there’s always a silver lining some where to be found.

Now more then ever we’ve been given a chance to understand what’s important. It’s not your accomplishments, achievements, or even your mistakes. This is a time where you must dig deeper then your labels and ask yourself who you really are.

Not your job or your titles of being a parent or any of those outwardly things. No, no my friends this is the time to strip away all of those layers around your heart and to understand who you truly are in spirit.

I am freaking beyond happy to be at home with my husband and daughter. And yes I miss everyone else, but at the same time I’m happy that they are safe and sound as we ride out this storm. They are all resetting just like us.

I’m guessing that never, ever,ever in our lives again will we be given the chance to be still and love, like we’re doing right now.And I wholeheartedly accept and embrace this time for healing my heart and shining my light in the midst of the darkness.

May you unveil your heart during these times and learn how to become magical again.

💜 Tay Tay

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