When the entire world is grieving

Good morning beautiful souls. I’m feeling called to write to you today and tell you that wherever you are in the middle of the chaos, that I think your doing an amazing job.

There sure as shit isn’t a hand manual for what do to when a virus takes over the world. This isn’t something anyone could ever imagine happening to them and there are lots of people that are just completely frozen.

That’s what trauma does to you. Fight, Flight, or Freeze. It’s your brains way of protecting you, and keeping you safe. But we’re not only dealing with trauma here, now we’re all dealing with a shit ton of grief.

And grief by itself is sometimes unbearable, so I wanted to tell you all something this morning.

I think your doing an amazing job at figuring out some really heavy shit. (Yes shits a theme today apparently) I think more then ever we need to learn to connect with our families on an emotional level. Sure we’re social distancing to save our lives, but we are truly blessed to receive this time of togetherness.

I feel every single thing that all of you feel. Fear, anger, rage, sadness, despair, anxiety, depression, aloneness and so much more. But I also feel thankful, blessed, fortunate, grateful, warmth, kindness, compassion, empathy, hope and grace.

And those are just a few if I’m being honest. My daughter thinks I’m not afraid when I have fears just like her. But here’s the thing friends, I know with my whole heart that all of my training, and my skills and my gifts have led me right to this very moment.

Last year I was tested by the devil and by God when I lost all of the things that I love, like my husband, (were together again praise the lord) my best friend and even my two front teeth in a horrible freak accident that left me disfigured for months.

You know who I felt like last year from the Bible? It was Job! I read that book and felt all of it to my very soul. So I could question why is this happening again?!? Wasn’t last year enough darkness for one entire lifetime? Or I could realize that last year was preparing me what I need to do this year, becoming a yoga teacher and finishing my book.

You are being tested right now and I know that your kindness and compassion will win over your fear if only your willing to be still and ask for help.

Please stop judging yourself and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else, ever.

We are all different, yet we’re all the same. Now more then ever you must provide balance between your own mind, body and soul., so that you can maintain that balance in your home. Helping your children understand that it’s ok to be afraid but that we have to keep going.

Please make sure to use your words because the love that comes from them is the very love that will heal this world. Leave nothing unsaid to anyone that you want to make peace with. Allow the ego of being right to crumble and fall away, while opening your heart to a new beginning.

I am a sinner just like you but I’m also the daughter of the one true king and I’m here to tell you it’s going to be alright.

Humble yourselves, be still and pray.

Namaste God Bless Peace

💜 Tay Tay

P.S. I’m giving away free yoga in my fb group if you need some light and love.

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