The facts from Ohio

Hello beautiful souls

It’s Saturday and it’s like we’re all stuck in the twilight zone grieving what we thought our lives would look like.

While others are galavanting all over like everything’s normal.

I made a video yesterday because during the press conference yesterday they asked that we use our voices.

I see so much fear and it produces more fear which in turn creates an energy of lack and scarcity. It’s most certainly normal to feel afraid but you don’t have be afraid all day every day.

The numbers from Sunday to Friday

We just have to educate ourselves and understand that 20% of the world is currently infected. They’ve just organized a new website where all the countries can share what they know about fighting the virus.

You are not alone! Use this time to learn how to create peace inside your soul. The world 🌎 needs more light and I’m counting on you.

Some of the most beautiful things come after big storms. Guard your hearts and your minds and listen to your gut always.

💜 Tay Tay

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