Collectively Fighting An Invisible Enemy

Dear friends all over the world I love you and I wanted you to know that you are NOT alone. We are all fighting an invisible enemy together, and this is one time I don’t want to be the hostess with mostess.

Last night in Ohio we went on an essential lock down. Meaning if it’s not essential for you to be out then you shouldn’t be. You are aloud to get food and gas and go to the doctors but notice that those things are all essentials.

Workers all have a letter that they carry with them proving that they are aloud to be out.

This morning I made a video on my FB live showing my friends what it looks like to live on Main Street right now. It’s absolutely creepy is what is is.

Normally a street that is full of life is barely moving and it actually makes my heart happy to know that people are finally taking things thing seriously.

We must learn from each other and do whatever it takes to be kind humans during these traumatic events. We are all in this together and I’m so happy that my blog reached everyone around the world because many of my other social media’s have been censored.

I want you all to read this verse from the Bible. I did another video about it, but once again my videos that provide hope seem to get buried, but nonetheless I shall continue to write and share my light.

When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, like when Australia was on fire.

Or command locusts to devour the land, like in Uganda in February of 2020.

Or send a plague among my people, like the virus that’s here right now.

If my people will humble themselves, I believe that some people are humbling already but others have a long way to go.

For those of you that are already there hold strong with your faith over your fear and keep on believing.

Until tomorrow

Stay safe

💜 Tay Tay

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