Day 7 (is this real life)

Good morning friends all over the world. I’m writing to you from ohio this morning and we are on day 7 of our social distancing and I wanted to to check in with you all.

There are so many crazy stories out there that aren’t true and millions of others that are true, so I’m going to write to you about my truth.

The truth is that we’re all experiencing some crazy collective trauma together right now and there’s not a single person that’s exempt. They’ve taken the necessary measures to help us to prevent the spreading in ohio, but only some people are following the rules.

While many businesses need to stay open to feed us and keep us alive there are several other places and people that think they don’t need to follow the rules, and so we will continue to spread this crazy virus as it uses us as it’s host.

Please pray for us that these people decide that safety and family are more important then money and businesses.

Eckhart Tolle made a video yesterday and he started it out with a parable from the Bible. It was the one about the 2 houses. One was built on sand and one was built on rock and in the end only one of them survived.

Twitter headline and picture this morning

Is your house built on rock or sand? Because now more then ever it matters. Every single day I wake up and the numbers are higher and it’s come a little bit closer to my home.

I don’t over indulge in the news I just keep myself informed and educated as to what’s happening every single day. I’m going to continue to write to you because I know this blog makes it all over the world, or at least it used to.

If your not believing that this is true I would beg you to just stay your ass home and consider it a mini vacation of sorts. Stop going to the beaches and stop acting like life is normal because it’s not.

Together we will be better and stronger . I pray for our entire medical staff and anyone else that’s risking their lives for our safety. I saw a picture the other day and I think you should see it to.

It’s not about you it’s collectively about us

We’ve got to be strong and continue to help each other. Please let me know where you are and what’s happening to you .

💜Tay Tay

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