No one is exempt from the virus

Good crazy unrealistic is this seriously happening morning to my friends around the world. I don’t even know if you will be able to see this as I’m sure communication on many of our platforms are being monitored.

I’ve not written much the past couple of days because things continue to progress rapidly here in Ohio. Every single day there’s more and more closings which I’m ok with.

It’s just A LOT for everyone and I wanted to see how your doing in other parts of the world. Can we communicate here freely and learn to help each other?

It’s amazing to see what some companies will do to take care of their employees. The spirit of the human lives on even in the middle of the most chaotic times.

I understand so much more now then ever but who really knows how much we don’t know. We are completely in the thick of social distancing and even though it’s going to be weird I feel as though I’ve been preparing for this very moment my entire life.

We stopped by and checked on one of our elderly neighbors and she had tears in her eyes, and that made my heart grow even bigger. I had a friend drop off some toilet paper on my front porch and what a blessing it was. Because that’s what Americans are after and it’s nearly impossible to find. Did you guys have a toilet paper crisis?

The local drive thru is selling more beer then they ever have and I’m not sure what good that’s going to do people but I’m going to keep you informed nonetheless.

Some people are losing their shit because they are afraid their ugly is coming out. But that’s not the majority so let’s all keep on shining our lights to help a terrible situation.

I don’t like thinking about being used as a host for some messed up virus to survive, and if I have to be still for a while I’ll do just that. It’s very obvious that every single day it just gets worse. So I encourage my friends to accept whatever it is that we’re facing and understand that we are in this together.

Please please please let me know what countries are able to read this. How your doing and where your from.

I love you friends and Now more then ever I see why we’re connected.

If this makes its way out I’ll be back later with an update! Stay safe beautiful souls

Love Tay Tay

2 thoughts on “No one is exempt from the virus

  1. Hello Friend! I’m in Ghana and the virus hit us just last week. We have 16 confirmed cases at the moment. The government is doing their best and people are panicking. Schools ,churches and some businesses have closed down. All were doing now is praying it gets controlled and things get better. I am praying for you wherever you are in the world. We’re in this together 💜

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    1. Hello beautiful girl! Ohio has shut down Disney has shit down we’re doing our best to stay away and we are social distancing for 2 weeks and then reassessing. Unfortunately some people
      Don’t take any of this seriously and are
      Carrying on with their normal lives which makes us all
      A host. I’m praying for you stock yo be safe and stay Put💜

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