Letting go was an art that she promised to perfect

Letting go isn’t just a one time thing, although that would make my life a whole lot easier.

Letting go requires a strength that some people just don’t have. Sometimes we’re so attached to our own brokenness that we don’t even realize we’re the reason for everything.

We love to hold onto to old worn out ideas and ways, because they require no thoughts and no change.

We love to over analyze because by doing so we don’t actually change a single thing. Instead we get stuck in the thinking phase of life and we never quite make it out of our heads.

Letting go means that you have to learn how to live awake because if your asleep it’s never going to happen.

We must learn to let go of all things that no longer serve our future. This could mean relationships of all kinds, romantic or not platonic.

I would encourage you to take inventory of your relationships. How is the relationship jar?!? Is it full or empty? Every single relationship we have is built or destroyed by adding to or taking away from the relationship.

You’ve got to get real about those that you surround yourself with. Because you will most certainly become just like them.

Do people’s words match their actions? That’s yet another huge indicator as to when it’s time to let someone or something go.

I understand when people say one thing and they do another, but why do you allow this to happen?

Letting go isn’t a one time thing, it’s an every single day thing. Letting go of our old worn out ways are one of the bravest things you’ll ever do, and you’ll also be changing your family’s history instead of going along with the way things have always been.

We don’t live in the same world that we were raised in and that means a different you is required to show up in 2020.

Are you willing to let go of the idea in your head?

Are you willing to let go to all the people that don’t appreciate you?

Are you willing to say no to people that let you down?

Are you willing to let go of all the things that don’t make you feel good and surround yourself with something new?

Are you willing to admit that wherever you are right now in your life, that everything can change but only if your willing to let go?

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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