Quotes to live by

“A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no one can imprison”

Some quotes you feel all the way to your soul and this is one of them!

Being full of light and love doesn’t mean that your never afraid or that you never mess up, because let’s face it friends no matter how spiritually strong you are, you’re in fact still a human.

That makes us full of energy and life and love and yes even dark and pain and so much more.

But when you decide to come from love instead of ego everything in your entire world changes.

Ego is all about me and getting ahead and comparison and lack of abundance all together.

Love is having more then enough all day every day.
Understanding that all that I need is already inside of me, I need only be still to find it.

Your Mind is quite a wonderful place but it’s not where the magic happens.
Magic only occurs in the heart and when your filled with love nobody and nothing can ever stop you!

Tavia Hayduk
Spiritual Life Coach
Authentic Truth Teller
Copyright 2020

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