Inhaling love and exhaling all negative vibes

You guys I did it!

I taught my first class ever in the studio and I loved every minute of it. I had the perfect little intimate class which made it seem like I was teaching at home and I am truly blessed to be where I am today.

Words will never be able to describe the Love that I feel when I’m teaching yoga. It’s as though I was made for this. Living your fears is what most of us do, until we decide no more.

My Authentic Self

I am not in competition with you, I am in competition with myself.

I have stopped looking outside myself for the love I so desire and instead I’ve decided to look inside.

When my ego tries to take control and show her fears or insecurities I immediately check her.

I say wait a minute girl what’s the real problem here and why is fear taking over??

I don’t give away my power, I don’t allow you to push my emotional buttons because I get to make the choices where I’m concerned.

I choose love over fear I choose to quite the mind and fill the soul.

I choose my authentic self.

Living awake
Baby cobra

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