Manifesting Love ❤️ Some Hearts We’re Meant To Be

Happy Valentines Day beautiful souls. This year is completely different then last year and I’m super excited about that. If your willing to be brave and let go and accept things the way they are you can change your life. But you’ve got to get real with understanding the difference between fear and control and manifesting love.

I’m very very lucky because I’ve gotten a second chance at love. My husband and I spent a year apart and we’re going to move on without each other, but it turns out that God had other plans for us.

I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined the rollercoaster of a year that we had, but nonetheless We survived the storms.

So this year we’re celebrating by doing something that he loves. We’re going to a hockey game in Columbus, and having dinner before we go.

I can’t wait to spend the evening all alone with him doing something he loves.

On a side note I’m not the kind of girl that believes in coincidences and I’ve said all along that we met for a reason.

Fast forward 20 years and lots of different life experiences, some happy and some sad and we’ve still got each other.

This is us and it’s magical and alive instead of stale and stagnant.

We must never forget about the times that hurt or that made us sad because those are the very things that make us love harder and stronger and better then ever before.

I acknowledge ALL of the times in my life and ALL of things in my life because without every single one of them I simply wouldn’t be me.

In true married fashion we forgot to communicate to each other about our Valentine’s Day gift for our daughter. So we both ended up buying her a card and a present, which means she just got a little more love this year which she most certainly deserves.

But here’s the funny thing friends. As she opened her cards this morning it turns out that we bought her the exact same card!!

All those cards and we buy the same one?!? You think that’s a coincidence?!? I think it’s just proves we’re meant to be. No matter where we go or what we do our hearts have this invisible string that keeps finding their way back to each other.

I hope this Valentines Day your brave enough to open your heart and let go of the things that resemble fear and learn how worthy of love you truly are.

Love you

Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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