My Safe Place Is A Different Sort Of Fund Raiser

Good afternoon friends. I’m super excited to finally announce the details of an amazing project that combines 2 small businesses from Logan County Ohio, Peace, Love & Candles and Awakened Soul Yoga. We’ve been working diligently on creating this little baby and the time has come to get it rolling.

Where did the idea come from?

A while ago I had heard this amazing story about a yoga instructor helping unfortunate kids get mats. And it really got me thinking. You know how sometimes you hear something and it just sticks with you and it won’t go away? That’s what happened when I heard this story.

I thought what an amazing idea. So I called up my friend Megan who has her own little business making soy candles and wax melts and much more. And we talked for a little bit and we came up with lots of ideas. We’ve been working on this for a few months now and it feels good to watch it all come together.

Here is what we’ve decided on. I believe that everyone needs yoga and that little people really need it. I also think that there’s so many times that we don’t feel safe in our own homes or even in our bodies. But yoga changes all of that.

So I thought how can I not only teach yoga but how can I help other kids feel safe that might not be able to make it to yoga?!?

How can I help kids escape to a healthy place instead of an unhealthy place?

And then the idea, the idea that just wouldn’t go away came back to me.

So Megan got to work creating 2 special smells that are directly linked to this fundraiser. She’s very patient and she also understood exactly what I was looking for. After bringing me several samples I picked the 2 that my sou loves the most. Ones named Soul Sister, and the other one is named Zen Af. And for every candle and wax melt that’s sold, a portion of the money will be donated to a fundraiser named “My Safe Place”

The links will be live later tonight if your interested in trying them out.

Here’s a break down of each sale so you understand how much goes where.

16.5 oz candle is $20 and $3 is donated to My Safe Place

9 oz candle is $14 and $2.10 is donated to My Safe Place

Wax melts are $5 and $1 is donated to My Safe Place (thanks for rounding up on the name of love Megan)

So basically 15% of all sales will be used to help the kids in our area. You might be wondering how I’ll decide who gets these mats and that’s a great question.

I will give them to any kids that come to my classes and don’t have one of their own. We will also be doing bundles where I will be in contact with local teachers, therapists, foster parents, youth pastors and more. Really honing in on kids that feel alone or isolated.

I can’t sit by and watch helplessly anymore. God gave me a voice for a reason.

We will keep you posted and informed on how all this is going and if you can’t monetarily support this fund raiser just share it please.

And remember to be kind to a stranger!


Excited Love Guru

💜Tay Tay

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