Give Your Kids The Gift Of Yoga

Good morning friends! I’ve been writing a bit less because I’ve been teaching a bit more love and yoga. And can I tell you what a beautiful gift it is to teach friends how to come from their hearts.

If you gave your kids absolutely nothing else in this entire world you should introduce them to yoga.

I understand fully my job on this planet and I’m well equipped to take it on. You see as I look around at all the suffering, it makes my heart just as sad as your heart. But I’ve decided to do something about it.

I know how many years I spent trapped inside my mind never taking action, and when I look back it seems like a lot of time wasted.

Now that I’ve woken up and come out of my slumber I’m able to take conscious action every single day, because that’s where the magic lies.

I read a quote once that said your fears absolutely the most boring thing about you. And it is boring. So I teach love and excitement and hope and magic.

I’m teaching parents and kids how to get out their heads and into their hearts. I’m teaching friends to stop judging and to stop playing the victim because those are 2 things we’ve got to get rid of in order to practice living with an open heart.

The next thing we have to do, is understand that there are somethings that we can never change. Like other people in general, bullies, social media, parents, families, and so much more.

But what we can change is ourselves and then by changing ourselves we will help change our own kids. And from there it will form a ripple effect into the universe of kindness and there will be no stopping it.

We can help our kids become emotionally strong. We can teach them about their feelings and emotions and we can help them process them in a healthy way.

Maybe you as a parent aren’t ready for all that, and that’s ok if your not. But please send your kids to a place where they can learn to connect their bodies and their brains.

We’ve got to learn that balance is the key to a happy life, and that includes our mental health.

Let’s teach them that they aren’t their thoughts, anxiety, depression, failures, mistakes or achievements. That they are something much more wild and beautiful.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Buddha

💜Tay Tay

Yogi In Training YTT

Shine your light

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