Feeling Comes From Believing What You Are Receiving

I was talking to my best friend on the phone today and I told her a story about a conversation I had with my husband last week.

I would have never even thought to write about it, so thank you Bretnie for inspiring me to do just that. You see some days I’m just talking away and my friends are like that’s powerful, you need to share that. And then I stop and I marvel at how lucky I am to have suck an amazing tribe of women surrounding me and supporting my every dream.

Earlier today I posted a video on my Facebook with a short but powerful message. It said “You don’t have to receive everything that’s given to you!” And I learned that from my dear friend and yoga instructor Sarah.

It’s a really amazing message that you can take many ways. It could mean someone’s throwing you shade, or drama or nonsense, but you choose not to receive it.

It could mean that someone’s in a really bad mood and they want to make you in a bad mood too, but guess what your not receiving it.

It could mean your around a bunch of gossipers but you refuse to take part in the nonsense so you don’t receive that either.

Brene’ Brown will remind you that you don’t need to pick up any hurtful comments You don’t even need to get mad and kick them away because they don’t deserve your energy. Instead you need to learn how to step right over those bad boys and keep going, never even paying them any attention because it’s a different way of saying your not receiving it.

And now that you understand where the conversation started let me share with you where it ended. I said to Bretnie, “You know the other night I was sitting on the couch with Jon after I finished teaching my yoga class and he said to me I’m so proud of you. And for the first time, maybe in my entire life I truly felt and believed that compliment he was giving me and I was able to receive it with my whole heart. And it felt amazing.”

And she said “Wow, you need to write about that!” And so here I am. But on the flip side of not receiving things that you don’t want, we come to learning how to love ourselves so much that we’re able to let another person in and not only let them in, but believe, feel and receive what they are giving to us.

To my husband he probably had no clue what those words would do to my heart, but they were absolutely able to be received with my whole heart not just a little fraction of it.

So what do we do if we feel if afraid and we do not believe that we deserve true love?How do we wake up and learn to love and live awake when we’ve been numbing and we’ve been asleep for so long?!?!?

And for that question I have a simple answer for you. Your already doing the work because your reading this blog. You are exactly where you need to be and your well on your way to where your going.

We all must take the time to learn how good it is to feel again. How amazing it is when you live in your heart and not in your head. We all have the capacity to love bigger then we’ve ever imagined, but we’ve got to be willing to look within.

It’s truly a never ending journey that will always keep cycling back to you. You are an amazing soul with a complicated brain and a crazy past. You are worthy of feeling what I felt and I hope that you learn what to receive and what not to receive and that you do so with your entire heart, not just a little piece of it.

Olive you

Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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