Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror

Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror

Joubert Botha

You know it doesn’t really matter if your face is pretty if your mind and your heart are ugly. We spend way to much time worrying about outside appearances and it’s the inside that we should be concerned with.

You could have the most beautiful life and not even realize it, simply because your stuck in your head. Your running away from yourself every single day when you should be learning how to come home to the real you.

Life is as much undoing as it is doing, because we have to wake up out of our slumbers. We have to decide who we’re not in order to understand who we want to be.

Letting go of all the illusions hidden behind our egos is tough soul work, but your absolutely worth it.

Might you learn to care a little less about how you look and what your wearing, and instead ask yourself how you feel and are you happy?

We’ve all tried things that didn’t work but I promise you that right on the other side of stagnant fear lies the most amazing awakened presence.

Put in the work to make your soul beautiful because it’s the new sexy!

💜 Tay Tay

Spiritual Life Coach


2 thoughts on “Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror

  1. I concur. My beloved Mother would always say: “Beauty’s only skin deep.” Then she set about encouraging me to develop my personality, sense of confidence, and God-given talents. I do enjoy feeling good in my own skin, which to me means not allowing my self to be swayed by all the mags and such that have a tendency to encourage a more superficial beauty regime. What other people think of me usually have more to do with who I am as an individual, a human being, a person that lives my highest and best life. Recently, I’ve decided to forego any makeup on certain occasions, except for lipstick. What I’ve noticed is that people relate to me in the same way they do when I’m all dolled up. It’s the inner beauty they see, if of course, I’m losing sleep over this, which I’m not. My pillows thank me. 🙂

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