The undoing

The undoing can be so very hard and absolutely painful to break up with. I understand it with my entire being because just like you I had to become what I thought I wasn’t supposed to be.

I had to learn a new way to think and to love and to learn and to create and to be, so that I was passing on a legacy of healing instead of a legacy of dysfunction.

If I were to keep up with the way of the world I would always be looking for the next thing that can make me feel whole and complete. Never understanding that it’s already inside me.

And this dear souls is one of the very lessons that we must learn when it comes to our lives. It’s the conditioning, or the fuckery as some would call it. It’s waking up to our own slumber and realizing that it’s time to create something new.

It’s understanding our mission on earth and living our dharma.

I believe there’s an entire planet of friends just like myself that are now awake and conscious and are bringing all of their energy to the table in order to create change.

These friends myself included have realized how strong the power of intentional thoughts are and how amazing they can be for your life.

Being where I am right now in my life seems absolutely surreal. Being able to teach yoga and share my light with others feels like a dream come true, and my coming home all at the exact same time.

You see while I’ve never really felt like I truly fit in anywhere, I can tell you that my entire life has been leading up to this moment.

All of the things have been preparing me for this very moment and I’m fully prepared to create a conscious change in this world, by taking action every single day.

Because while I could continue to wish that things were different, I also could step into my role and teach others how to embrace their own unique gifts.

The life you want is waiting to rise up to meet you…..will you accept it? Do you feel worthy enough to accept it?

Oprah Winfrey

💜 Tay Tay

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