The gift within

I am far from perfect.

And I will never be, nor will I ever strive to be.

I am real, and I am me and I will never apologize for being who I am.

I love hard and I fight even harder.

I’m stubborn and agreeable at the same time.

I am flawed, and I embrace those flaws like an elephant wearing high heels 👠 (ha ha)

I show up and I’m vulnerable.

I allow myself to get hurt because without pain, there would be no Joy.

Without dark there would be no light.

I am broken and that’s ok because that’s where the light gets in. That’s where the hope occurs, right in the middle of the mess. I embrace all that life has given be, the good and the bad.

For without any of my life situations, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I am the light and the love 💜

I am the daughter of the One True King

I am strong

I am real

I am loyal

I am brave

I am awakened

Tavia Hayduk

Spiritual Life Coach

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