Manifesting your dreams instead of your fears

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope that you’re weekend is off to an amazing start. It’s absolutely winter here in ohio today, yucky windy cold and wet.

You know time hop is one of my favorite things to look at every single day because it reminds me of a lot of amazing things.

Like this gem below. In 2016 I had been working really hard on myself and my energy was off the hook. Full of healing and light, I knew at the that very moment my path was changing, because I was changing.

So I threw out all of things that we’re on my heart into the world, even if I didn’t believe I would actually do any of them.

I took the time to be still with myself and to learn how to come from love instead of fear. It seems as though we all were taught some pretty bad habits that we now need to get rid of.

Suffering and being the victim are a couple of those things that you have to outgrow if you want to embrace your magic.

Here’s the thing we don’t seem to understand until we really just get it. If we don’t believe in magic then our lives will never be magical.

If your always negative and drama then guess what you get more of?!!!? Your words are so freaking powerful if you truly understood the power they had you would never speak bad of yourself again.

If we don’t learn how to dream bigger and to live bolder and to actually become the people that God made us to be, then we will be like the majority of the world.

But not this chic right here! I’m manifesting it all and having faith without works is just useless.

You can catch me over here spreading love like Jesus, only I’ll be using a yoga mat and blog!

If you focus on shit then your going to get more shit.

If you focus on your blessings you get more blessed.

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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