Blending in with the world isn’t for me

Good morning friends!

As I was scrolling through Facebook this morning I came across this beautiful writing called the remnant by one of my favorite bloggers.

Her page name is A Modern Day Ruth and you should totally find her on Facebook and like it if this resonates with you in any way.

I condensed it down so that I could write about a small part of it but the entire this is absolutely amazing and worth reading.

We’re not supposed to blend in with the world and what’s popular to make everyone feel comfortable. We’re to be different. Set apart.

(Enter cray cray Tay Tay 💜)

And I’ll just stop right there because that my friends says it all. I believe with my whole heart that every single day your being tested. Are you going to live your life the way the world tells you to live it?

Or are you going to be the authentic light of this world in a spiritual sense?

If we are trying to fit in and we care what other people think then we aren’t living our best life. We’re living our most boring and afraid life.

We’re following the masses and yes you can take off the m because it’s absolutely the truth. The masses become asses and that’s not how or why I was created.

With that being said I am blessed by the messages that I have received over the years through my friends and my loving therapist.

She said to me one day you know what Tavia?!?!? Did you ever think that God made you different for a reason?!!!?

I’m like hmmmmmmm?!?!? Yes and no!?

She said sometimes people don’t like you simply because your real. You don’t care what anyone thinks and your just you, and thats intimidating .

And this was like an ah-ha moment for me as Oprah likes to say. I was like oh my goodness your right. But there I was trying to do anything that I possibly could to not be the real me.

And if it weren’t for her message it would have taken me a whole lot longer to figure out on my own.

So I finally understand my gifts and I’m ready to share my light with the world in a way that doesn’t conform or fit it.

I see now all that I endured over the years was preparing me for this very moment. I am beyond strong enough to stand up and to be different and to live a way that’s not necessarily conducive with this world.

My voice is strong and sturdy and capable of being used for the greater good. I can tell the truth when it needs to be told. Not everyone is like this! Some friends will dwell in your misery with you and never ever challenge you to change.

But I choose the spiritual path, the path of love and light. I choose to be different then everyone else because as Ruth said above “Authenticity is different than the counterfeit…..the difference is quality.”

I fully accept and embrace my authentic light and my unique journey here on this earth. I know that I am fully supported and surrounded by angels and ancestors blessing my path.

💜 Tay Tay

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