Intentions for 2020

Good morning beautiful souls πŸ’œ

I hope you had the most amazing New Years ever! As we begin a new month I thought I would share my intentions for 2020 with you.

Last years word was vulnerability and I love that one and I hated it at the exact same time. It made me uncomfortable on numerous occasions, but it also helped me stay in my heart and out of my head.

This year I’m getting more ambitious and I’m taking on 2 new words. And while at first it might seem as though they counteract each other, and sometimes they do, they also compliment each other in a beautiful fashion.

Action is the only way change to anything. We can’t merely sit around and play the movie in our heads on repeat and hope that something changes.

Quite the opposite in fact. Conscious energy has way more power then unconscious energy and it will always get your further in life.

If you learn nothing else from me ever, learn this, if you change nothing then nothing will change.

You are responsible for you! Your feelings are yours and your choices are yours, and you must own the role you play in your own life in order to bust out a new way of being.

You are a creature of habit, so whatever it is that you need to change it begins with your daily routine. If you put zero effort into consciously creating new habits then don’t expect to reap the rewards.

You decide where you spend your time and you decide what you fill your day with. Your excuses are quite literally the most boring part about you. Everyone has excuses but not everyone has the courage to go after what they want.

My next word is acceptance and it’s probably my favorite because it’s the most freeing thing I’ve ever felt.

I learned how we humans are addicted to our own suffering, and how our egos create chaos inside of us so that we can’t find the peace that truly exists within.

As soon as I find myself trying to control, change or fear a situation I just throw my hands in the air and I say ok! This is how it is! I can’t change it and I don’t even want to. I accept this situation fully as it is and I don’t need to try to manipulate it.

Your not in control no matter how much you think you are. Your life’s responding to your every thought, all day every day.

So accepting things and people and situations for the way they are, frees up a whole bunch of other energy for the magic to occur.

Accept the past and let it go!

Instead of making a resolution that you won’t stick to, try bringing real intention into your world and see all that you can manifest when it comes from love instead of fear.

πŸ’œ Tay Tay

Peace God Bkess Namaste

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