The 1 letter we all need to write to ourselves this year

Happy New Year Beautiful Souls!

As I procrastinated all day long about what I wanted to write my first blog of the year about, I kept circling back to my soul.

After 2019 threatened to break every single part of my life into thousands of little pieces, I learned how to love myself through the darkest and most desperate days of my life.

This morning as I spent some time doing yoga with my beautiful daughter I kept asking myself what I truly needed. What was it that my soul wanted from me, and how could I answer it.

This is what it said…..

Every year on the first, I’m going to write a letter to myself and I would encourage you to do the same. If I realized anything over the last year it’s that something really beautiful bloomed in the middle of all my darkness and that something beautiful was me.

I had to learn self love through uncovering all of the things that made me small and now I’m here to teach you about the love that lives within you. I promise there’s a huge difference between self love and egotistical love. They don’t come from the same energy and they won’t ever produce the same results.

I hope my letter encourages you to go sit down and love yourself a little bit more. I hope you realize that you are and should always be your first priority, because we can’t pour from an empty cup. And if we try then we will be passing on more dysfunction, instead of healing our hurts and letting go of the pain.

Dear beautiful girl,

Can I just start this off by telling you how proud I am of you. I’m proud of every single thing you’ve accomplished and achieved over the last year.

You had a million reasons to quit and to give up, but yet your little ass persisted. You felt more pain then you ever have in your entire life at one time and never once did your light go out completely.

Oh sure you were far from perfect especially in the beginning when you were lead by nothing but fear and anger, but you now understand that all of that energy also served a purpose.

The purpose of letting go, the purpose of forgiveness, the purpose of putting your heart before your hurt and embracing and accepting every day for what it was.

You no longer hold yourself hostage by the judge and the victim that you have created over the years. Instead you brave girl faced all of your demons head on. Afraid a lot of the time you slowly pressed on, one moment at a time.

Smart enough to not look to far ahead because you learned a long time ago that anxiety lives in the future.

You stood by your best friend with grace and dignity and you kept her secrets safe until you no longer could. You were strong for someone else in the middle of your darkest days and that makes you selfless and strong all at the same time.

You were a warrior last year girl and I just wanted to remind you how amazing you truly are. How much love exudes from your pores after doing the hard work of coming home to yourself.

2020 is about to be your most magical year yet and happily ever after doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Should you ever be feeling down and need a reminder about how far you’ve come, go and find this letter and read it and believe it.

Teaching love is your gift and now it’s time to share it with the world. Keep growing! Keep showing up with your whole heart and never stop being your imperfect authentic self.

💜 Tay Tay

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