Celebrating Christmas A Little Early This Year

Yesterday we had our first Christmas Party and it was a hit.

Old fashioned pajamas and slippers and comfy clothes for all.

Finger foods and kids galore! These are the very things that make my heart full.

And while this bit at the beginning looks like it’s organized, it sure didn’t last long. As the excitement of the presents took over the room the kids came alive.

I can’t imagine a more perfect day then The one we all shared together.

When you decide to celebrate early you get to enjoy many hours together instead of running from one place to the next.

I hope that your spending time with those that the mean the most to you. I am truly best with the best family around. Thank you for not only your loyalty, but for your acceptance and unconditional love.

We ended the evening caroling with some friends and if you want to see that video you’ll have to check out Facebook!

God bless you All



💜 Tay Tay

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