Taking down all of the walls you’ve created to keep yourself safe is the bravest thing you’ll ever do

Self love sounds so sappy when in the beginning it’s a frighting internal battle with yourself. Your brain says stay small and your spirit screams no way.

And so begins the messy battle of taking down all of the walls that you’ve built up to keep yourself safe. An entire lifetime of undoing the things that keep you small and trapped inside your mind.

A battle between the fear based system you’ve spent built your entire life around, or a faith Based system where you just go for it,even when your afraid.

Trust me when I tell you that right on the other side of everything your afraid of, lies an infinite freedom to be your authentic self.

When your brave enough to feel all the things that you’ve been avoiding and your strong enough to look inside yourself for the answers you seek, then you will have begun the journey of acceptance.

No longer living on autopilot but living every single day as though you matter and so do those all around you.

Living every day in the present moment is a gift to yourself and those you love.

You totally stop giving your power away when you focus on yourself. You are the only person you can control.

I know how hard it is to change yourself so I wouldn’t waste my time trying to change others.

Self love begins the moment you try to master the chaos inside yourself.

Olive you

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God bless Namaste

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