Do you know what I miss the most about you?

Do you want to know what I miss the most?

Do you want to know the one thing that my heart longs to do with you?

It’s simple and it’s free. It’s the one thing we always did when we were together, even in the middle of the shit storm.

It’s one of the very reasons I loved you and I loved us. And it’s true that I miss a gazillion things about you, but I miss laughing with you the most.

It’s that simple. We didn’t need to ever go anywhere or do anything to have fun together. We were content with the simple life.

The times we spent at my house or yours are just as precious to my heart as the times we decided to venture out into the world together.

I miss my mouth hurting the next day from laughing so much after spending the night with you and our friends.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. When you laugh so freaking much that the muscles in your entire face are sore the next day. That’s what I miss.

I miss your phone calls and your texts and laugh and your awkwardness. I miss so much sweet girl but I miss the joy you brought to my life.

I miss the history we shared together over the years. I’m not about to try to fill someone else in on all my stories and life dramas.

I miss girls night because that’s when it went down for real. No spouses, no kids, no commitments, just innocent fun for our souls.

I miss when we had our sleepover, and you had to leave and go get Lucas at your moms, because that’s the amazing women you were.

There are days when I know your right here and I’ll never stop talking to you or about you because it’s the only way I know how to keep loving you, until I make it to heaven.

But my goodness does my soul miss laughing with you at work every single day.

I miss you my friend. I love you so very much. One day we will laugh again together and I’ll be able to hug you like I always did.

Until then I’ll honor the tears when they come and I’ll try my hardest to get out there and work on laughing, just for you.

Living the rest of my life without you seems like a cruel joke, but then I remember how lucky I am to have called you my best friend for so many years.

💜 Tay Tay

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