We’ve spent our entire lives coming from fear

We’ve spent our entire lives coming from fear so when you finally awaken be gentle with yourself. After years of conditioning it’s hard to come from your authentic self but your worth it. When you feel the fear creeping in let go and choose the light.

Our entire lives we’ve been told what to do and how to act. We’ve learned how to fit in and how to make the world like us.

We were taught how to behave, how to think, and how to be. We were told when to laugh, when to be quiet, and when to hide our own feelings.

We were taught if we wanted love then we had to act a certain way, and if we didn’t make our parents happy then we weren’t getting our needs met.

We learned early on that if we wanted to survive in this world, then we were going to have to become what others want us to be.

We learned when to bite our tongues, when to eat our tears and when to go to our rooms for safety.

We learned what the world wanted us to do, and we also learned what our families expected of us.

We’ve spent year after year of learning how we’re supposed to be. And many of us still carry these child hood tendencies around inside of us.

We’ve not taken the time to grow up emotionally. So we continue to come from a place of lack instead of a place of abundance.

And you will continue to emotionally act out with that child until your heal her or him. You are emotionally stunted at an age much younger then your worldly body has grown into.

True freedom comes when you can be yourself with no apologies. When you can say how you feel and your not afraid to do it.

The love you wish to receive will only come from the inside. And you can only find this kind of love if your willing to control all of the emotions that come from fear. You have to wake up to your toxic thoughts that are ruling your every day choices or you will forever be stuck in your head.

If you truly look at most peoples lives you will see that they are doing every thing in their power to fit it. They want so badly to be accepted that they become people pleasers and by doing that they lose their authentic selves.

They will search for happiness in their jobs, cars, homes, and vacations. They will follow the rules of society and wonder why they still aren’t happy.

And if I’m being completely honest, most people aren’t even aware of the rat race they are in. They are stuck on autopilot and they allow the voices in their minds to call of the shots.

This is why you have to master yourself before you can create a new life. If you don’t learn about your own victim and your own judge then you will spend your entire life as a slave trapped in your own hell of a mind.

“The freedom we seek is to use our own mind and body to live our own life, instead of the belief system” The Four Agreements

Your fighting yourself every single day. You can come from a place of conditioning and fear that traps you in your mind.

Or you can learn to come from your heart and this is a choice that you have to make every single day over and over again.

It’s taken you years to get to get this point and it’s going to take you years of practice to come from love.

There are days when I have to remind myself 59 different times that I’m feeling afraid and I don’t want to come from fear. So I let go until the next time my mind tries to take me there, and then I start the process all over again.

But if you truly want to be free, you’ll learn to master the chaos inside you.

💜 Tay Tay

Yogi In Training

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