She was there but she wasn’t

This was me last year

No teeth

My lips had finally healed

I was there but I wasn’t

When I look at this picture today

I wonder how I kept going

Where my strength came from

I see a sad sad girl here

Lost inside herself wondering when the darkness will finally lift

I see a hurt and pain and sadness inside her and I love her

I see bravery and perseverance and strength even in the midst of the madness

I love all of her

I love every single fucking situation because it’s molded my heart and my spirit

There will be times In your life when you want to quit

When you want to run away

When you don’t have the energy to go on




You muster up the courage to fight the battle another day

And you only focus on the present moment because if you look to far ahead you’ll never make it

I know the dark sucks because I’ve lived it

But guess what?!?!?

No dark?!?

No light

Tavia Hayduk

Spiritual Gangster

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