Don’t dim to fit in: messages from soul

When I’m feeling a little bit out of alignment I often call in my angel cards to see what my souls need.

Today I decided to pick from my work your light oracle cards, and as soon as I started shuffling one jumped out of my hand and fell under the desk! If you don’t know what that means, it means that’s my card, and that’s the message the angels want me to receive!

Don’t dim to fit in.

How are you dimming your light in order in fit in?

Well I didn’t think that I was but it seems as though I am. It’s was no coincidence that this is the card that was meant for me today, so I’m going to take some time to meditate on it.

Rebecca Campbell is the creator of this beautiful deck and every card makes my soul smile.

Shining big and bright requires a level of strength and discipline in self love. Learning to shine and expand your light takes courage especially when so many people in the world prefer the darkness.

It’s easy to be negative, to live in your head and to be full of contempt. It’s hard to open your heart and invite love in. But you are not competing with anyone except yourself. And just like I need to quit shrinking it seems as though you do too.

I wouldn’t say I was one to try to fit in, but that would be my ego talking of course. If I’m going to listen to my heart then it says the message I received today is the exact one that I need.


I’m about to shine brighter then ever💡before!

💜 Tay Tay

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