Finding The Magic In Our Relationships

Last night my best friend finally made her own dreams come true. For years she’s been telling me she wants to have a Friendsgiving and for years I’ve been telling her to do it.

But this year she took action! Oh what a life we can spend if we always live in our heads. You see her heart had said for years that she wanted to do this but every year her brain told her that this wasn’t this year.

Until this year, when she kicked her brains ass and let her heart win the fight.

And thank goodness her heart won because I want you to know that we laughed more last night then we have in a really long time.

We carved out time to get to together to just be with each other. Spending time with those who fill our cups and make our lives worth living.

The truth is that it sucks that bad things have to happen to us before we’re able to wake up out of our slumber and realize what a gift we’re truly living.

But this is the gift of life. Learning how to accept all that is at any given moment .

“We’re all Holy. We’re all a mess”

And the sooner we realize that the better off we will be.

The love and the magic come that we all desire come from the heart every single time. So if you want to live an abundant life you’ve got to participate relentlessly in the manifesting of your own dreams, instead of keeping yourself small with all that negative nonsense.

As I lay in my bed writing this I am beyond blessed with my life. My daughters laughing with her friend in the living room. The Christmas tree is sparkling with white lights. The dogs asleep beside me. My mans in the shower and the house is full of love and light and hope, because we never gave up.

Relationships will always be my biggest source of love and light. I hope that your tribe is a constant source of support in your life, and that they always push you to be a better version of your most authentic self.

You’re worthy of the most amazing life, but first you’ve got to do the work and learn how to live in your heart.

I hope that your Sunday is full presence.

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

3 thoughts on “Finding The Magic In Our Relationships

  1. WOW. Friendsgivings are becoming more and more popular nowadays. I say…Why the heck not?! Whomever came up with the idea initially gets it. Share with those who support you all year round. These folks may or may not be immediate family members, but in more ways then one they ARE YOUR tribe!

    They are the people who deserve your thanks everyday, but oh how delicious to add in some delicious food and drink. What a way to grace the holiday season. The image you included speaks volumes. Lots of presence here. SMiles all around. Contentment sure looks good!!!

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